Maryam Akhtar
Maryam Akhtar Khan Age: 20

It was not long ago that I was convinced that change occurred overnight – and I am still convinced – change is simultaneous to the continuous expansion of space and time. It is not uncommon however, in fact it is very common, to classify change into a series of achievements, some ranked higher than others based on their level of positive impact on the world even if at times the measurement of it is inaccurate and only deceivingly true. The classification of change can be a useful tool as it can provide a framework to work within, and a means of keeping track of the impact one’s actions have on the surroundings, but it at the same time can hinder one’s ability to strive for change every second infinitely smaller than a picosecond that we live and breath – or breath and live (however you see it).
You must be thinking, I am quite certain you are thinking right now, that is not the provision of a framework the purpose of any organization aiming to eradicate suffering? In the traditional sense it most definitely is, but YTGA has proven to be more than just a framework for me. Being a part of a team of individuals who have dedicated their lives to prioritizing the unravelling of truth, and to speaking and acting out against injustices whenever given the chance, I have learnt one of the most valuable things one can learn – to be conscious of one’s actions at all times and to never let go of a chance to influence one’s peers if determined, based on careful reasoning and analysis, that they may be going astray.
The world is abundant in raw intelligence as well as processed intelligence. While the skillful usage of the latter to cause harm (driven by the greed to make what seem to me like utterly pointless profits), can be more challenging to stop, raw intelligence is one of the most useful, although very fragile, resources that can be used to drive constructive progress. Considering the importance of raw intelligence and what it can be geared towards, it becomes the duty of every person to ensure that it receives the best maintenance and guidance. YTGA promotes constructive learning and understanding as its foremost goal so that solutions can be created and implemented.
Discovering our surroundings can be an overwhelming process. The more we get overwhelmed, the easier it can become to give up hope and to limit world discovery only to what we want to see in it. For progress to occur, it is a necessity that we start recognizing the realities that make us uneasy, and start striving to alter the nature of their foundations, or to at least reduce the potential of evil from thriving.

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