Abortion Ė A legal Crime
By Anam Ansari

May 12, 2007

"Children and mothers never truly part - Bound in the beating of each other's heart." Ė Charlotte Gray.

This statement is the sweet reality in most peoples' lives - a mother and her child never truly part. A mother's love for her child starts from the moment she discovers there is a lovely gift about to be presented to her from GodÖ her baby. Sadly, in some cases the sweet reality is shattered by some womenís circumstances, which leads them to an unpleasant decisionÖ abortion; a highly controversial issue around the globe. A simple question being: is abortion morally right or wrong? In many countries abortion is allowed by law. In my opinion that is a legal crime. The idea of abortion being 'right' is absolutely ironic. All our lives, we are taught that killing, beating, torturing, etc is all wrong, then why is it okay for women to have an abortion because of reasons like 'they don't feel like it' or 'they aren't ready'?
One may think that when a child is being aborted, it is no big deal. After all, they aren't a fully transformed human being and they aren't going to feel any pain, right? Wrong. The methods of abortions are a form of torture for the baby. Wikipedia states the process of abortion is often "artificially induced by chemical, surgical or other means." While chemically killing the baby inside the mother, although the mother may not feel pain, the baby feels every second of it. Is it fair for an innocent soul who didn't choose his/her faith to be subjected to such an act?
There are a number of methods of abortion. The one used 98% of the time is suction aspiration
also known as vacuum curettage. In this process a sharp cutting edge is used to rip apart the body parts of the baby, while it also sucks out the blood. Most of the methods of abortion are highly similar to suction aspiration. Doctors also use the urea injection for pregnancies in which the baby has developed and can think and feel the pain. The urea injection is a method in which the baby is killed by salt poisoning. Hysterotomy is used when all other methods are unsuccessful and the baby is taken out alive during the operation. The most horrible and sickening form of abortion are partial birth abortions. In this, doctors use ultrasound to grab the baby's leg with tongs and then they forcefully deliver the babies whole body, except for the head. They then jam a pair of scissors into the back of the babyís skull and a vacuum tube is used to suck out the babyís brain. Now imagine if that was happening to a full grown human. They would have the power to scream and plead for help. A baby who is 32 weeks old has no power to do any of that. It just feels the agonizing pain it is presented to. If that isnít a form of torture, I donít know what is.
Many times the mother has no choice but to abort their baby. In my opinion, there are certain conditions under which abortion is okay; a victim of rape who did not end up in this situation by choice, or a circumstance in which the mother's or babyís life is threatened, and even if the couple can absolutely not afford the baby. Unfortunately, those reasons only make up 28% of the population who have abortions. The main reason women have abortions is because they arenít ready. Personally, I do not think thatís a reason enough to take the life of an innocent soul. Itís not fair to the baby who didnít choose to be born.
At first I did not consider the issue of abortion to be so controversial. I thought it was okay for a woman to have an abortion because it was her baby and it was the parentsí choice of what to do with it. I believed that the baby didnít feel the pain and I had absolutely no idea how abortion was performed. But, the more I learned about it, the more I realized that it is a legal form of murder. I bet many people, especially the youth, who undergo 51% of the abortions done, know little to no information about the horrors of abortion. Itís not fair to those babies, so I say we take a step against unnecessary abortions by giving those mute babies a voice!


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