Human Rights Day
By Sahil Azeez

August 2006
Human Rights. One would say we all have them, but itís a controversial matter, in which a decision is difficult to make. Though people demand this for themselves they will not demand it for others. Itís a question of whether we do or we donít.
On December, 10 1948 Human Rights day was declared by the UN. Where the fundamental rights and freedoms were written down assuring to provide equality, life, liberty, and security. Unfortunately that writing has very little power in the lives of many people. Every year on the 10th of December, a celebration takes place to honor the fact that all humans are born with equal rights and freedoms. We celebrate this once a year, as if we were born without equality every other day.
It is said that Human Rights day is a day in which fighting poverty around the world becomes an obligation, not a charity. But what makes that day different from any other day is victims of poverty face their worries and fears every day, yet we only have the obligation to help once a year. But I can tell you as a typical human myself, that I, even when obligated to help, will not.
If we consider how much of the Human Rights has been violated, we would be astonished. If we attempt to count the number of Human Rights violations in the year of 2006 around the world, the numbers would never end. It occurs everyday whether at school or at work. People now hide their criticism behind jokes and puns, making sure the victim doesnít take it personally. Then when people are accused of violating an important right they use the typical excuse of someone else did it, the victim started it, or it was for the purposes of entertainment.
Our world is advancing at such a rate, where history, and mistakes made in history must stay as history. People should learn to accept one another, for they are unique in their own way. Our advancement in the field of technology is absolutely astonishing. The capacity or limit towards the amount of knowledge and understanding one can have is endless. We must realize our differences is what makes each and every one of better than another, there will always be someone who does something better than you. You cannot be the best but you can be the best you can be. What we people will start looking for is not someone who is the best, but rather someone who is better.
But what good news I read is that we are taking action. The UN has just formed a new council of Human Rights, their responsibility being to monitor violations to a Humanís Rights. The council contains over 200 members many represent different countries of the world.
If you have not realized, tomorrow is Human Rights day. I believe people donít care about their behavior and actions because they believe there is no consequence, their ethics suddenly will not matter because there isnít a strong enough consequence that will cause them guilt. Make Human Rights day a day that comes every day.

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