Aids: In Layman's Terms
By Omar Rais

July 20, 2006
What is AIDS? How is it different from HIV? Is it deadly? Can it be cured????

Hereís the Breakdown:

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Briefly stating, HIV weakens our immune system that then allows illnesses, infections and diseases to make you sick. HIV is a progressive virus that enters a body through blood, saliva, mucous membrane and any opening of your body. There are four major stages of HIV, the final stage being AIDS.

The first stage is called WINDOW. It is called this because reflects the window of time between the infections and during that which antibodies are developed in a person.

The second stage is the SEROCONVERSION. During this stage, the body develops lots of antibodies to fight the virus. A person may have flu like symptoms during this period of the virus and this is a very infectious period of HIV.

The third stage is called SYMPTOM FREE. The explanation is as simple the name; the person may not have any symptoms during this stage. This can last anywhere between 6 months to 10 years.

The fourth and the final stage is AIDS. Now a personís TCELL count drops below 200 and OIíS are present. It is during this stage when the bodyís immune system is continuously attacked until destroyed. Once this happens, the body cannot fight off any infections.

HIV is a progressive disease; it can be treated before it reaches the final stage but so far modern technology has not come up with a cure for AIDS.

HIV can be prevented. HIV can be transmitted through sex, used needles, blood, saliva, and in womenís case, breast milk. A pregnant woman, living with HIV/AIDS can transmit it to its fetus. Use of condoms can prevent sexually transmitted HIV/AIDS. Disposing used needles is highly practiced in North America but not doing so in China, has resulted in mainly half the population living with AIDS.

HIV/AIDS can be treated but not necessarily cured so the best way is to stay cautioned. One should have faith in God, if He has thrust this upon us, he surely will withdraw this curse from us.

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