Guantanamo North
By Salahuddin Ayyub Toor

“True north strong and free” everyday millions of Canadians say or hear those words in the morning at school, at work or where ever they choose to show civic pride. What would you say if I told you that, the “True north strong and free” is an oxymoron and that Canada isn’t free, as a matter of fact, we’re probably as bad as our southern neighbors in our treatment of our own innocent citizens. Either you’d tell me that I’m crazy, know nothing about Canada or I have no pride for our nation and what I’m talking about is rubbish. Well the reality is that all this is true, men are being held in Canada without trial, without real evidence and the public has next to no knowledge about it, welcome to Guantanamo North, Canadian style. What am I talking about you ask? Five Muslim men were as of December 2006 held in police custody for a total of 273 months without being charged and most of the time were being kept in solitary confinement. These men have wives, kids and lives, but are being held in Canadian prisons without a fair trial and the ability to appeal or even ask for a fair try at bail. Though two men have been released on bail since they are under strict conditions of house arrest and still the evidence CISIS has gathered against them hasn’t been made public or even been shown to the accused lawyers. The Canadian government claims that for “national security” the information cannot be released but these men have been behind bars for so long already, now as I write this article it’s been a collective 275 months or maybe even more, how can the information they were arrested on still be so relevant now to national security that it cant even be heard in a court of law away from the publics eye. Truthfully I think it’s all BS putting people behind bars without reason or at least giving them a fair chance at proving themselves innocent. Things like these are very common in the U.S., after all we hear it everyday don’t we? Suspected terrorists thrown into Gitmo and haven’t been properly tried in a court of law, but this is Canada, stuff like that doesn’t happen here and if it does it shouldn’t and should be corrected immediately, no? So why have these men not been released? The question is on the Canadian government and I challenge them, prove them to be terrorists so they can be locked up justly or let them go, they have lives and what ever is left of them they should be allowed to go to and fix.


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