Womenís Rights: Disabled Women and Girls
By Salahuddin Ayyub Toor

Imagine. Youíre a 9 year old girl with a disability do you know what your life is going to be like? Not in a third world country, but in say, Canada? The U.S? Europe? Well, how about if I told you that your never going to get the same benefits as men, half of the people like you will be beaten and abused, your more likely to be hurt, raped, beaten. That because you were born with a disability you will not only be a second class citizen the rest of your life but your going to be looked down upon forever. Trying to have a family will be hard, if not impossible in some countries, its illegal to adopt too, and if you do manage to get pregnant you might be forced to abort. Finding work wonít be easy, next to impossible since no jobs are made for you. Thatís the reality of being a disabled woman in the world, harshÖ isnít it? Do 9 year old girls with disabilities think about all this stuff? Do they know that their life is going to be so hard? Do those 9 year old girls even have the mental capacity to understand it? Sadly itís a reality that people with disabilities are treated far worse than normal bodied people but women are still treated worse than men even if both are disabled, instead of being supported through their lives, theyíre discriminated and out casted for the way they came into the world or for what happened to them through their lives. How can we help themÖ these are women who could be amazing role models, strong happy amazing people with the potential to be so much more but why are they looked down upon? Iím not in the position to tell everyone what they should do but I want everyone who reads this to think, to realize, to see every disabled woman with new found respect. To know that their lives are far harder than most of ours will ever be and that if we see or know of someone thatís being treated differently because of their disability to stand up and try to help since so few do right now. To end off, I wonder who is more disabled, the people who cant speak or read, or the people who can read and speak but still choose ignorance as a lifestyle.


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