The Truth Behind the Lies: Secrecy of the Sri Lankan Government
By W.C.

February 14, 2007
Trust is a very strong feeling and when I sense that that feeling is no longer present due to a deceitful act, I am left with no choice but with resentment. It flusters me to realize that by putting so much faith and belief into one idea, it can cause a quick turn of events leading me to find out how my trust was dreadfully betrayed. Well the feeling isn’t so great is it? I certainly don’t think so. This feeling was exemplified by myself and not to mention, probably by many Sri Lankan civilians when recently a discovery of a secret involvement of the Sri Lankan government was made with “The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,” (LTTE, or Tamil Tigers). I believe it is vital as being the “youth” of our world to be strongly independent in thinking and curious by challenging the information we are constantly fed, especially by the media/news.

The Tamil Tigers are deemed as a “terrorist group” for the abduction of recruiting children as child soldiers in Sri Lanka. In another account, once the Tamil Tiger’s members were interviewed personally, they said that they are just fighting to stop being terrorized by the majority Sinhalese. Now, the tension between the Sinhalese and the Tamil Tigers has been present since 1976. This raises the level of complexity of the topic because it becomes difficult to really see the Tamil Tigers from a certain viewpoint. I for one see no righteousness in the account of the Tamil Tigers abducting children to be child soldiers. These children are intimidated and threatened to join military service and even upon refusal, they are compulsorily taken or abducted.

Now the average person would most likely think that the government would best be trying to put an end to or prevent a problem like this where children are abducted for military service. But, in the most ironic means, the government of Sri Lanka is accused for making transactions with the Tamil Tiger’s and in their liberation to abduct children. How could a government, a group of people who stand up for your rights and talk on your behalf, make such preposterous deceitful transactions? This would truly shatter your trust in the government and make you strongly rethink on who should be representing your society. It is definite that the government’s involvement in this issue is sure because in Sri Lanka, everywhere you go there is always a security check within every 10 km. To abduct a large number of children and to sneakily seep past the security is inconceivable. It has to be that the government is letting the Tamil Tigers pass with the abducted children and they are pretending to play it clueless.

I am a strong believer in earning someone’s trust and if I get the opportunity to earn that, I will make sure that I will not let that person down and make them a firm believer that they can trust me. Obviously, this is not displayed by the government of Sri Lanka because their eyes are full of deceit, shielding their innocent citizens from the truth that beholds the behemoth of all lies.

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