Discrimination against Women
By Mariam Lutfullah

The world is a sexist place. Since the beginning of time, women have always taken a back seat to the genius of man. Women are just as competent and intelligent as men, and discrimination against them is a liability to all humankind.
While women could be adding value to numerous areas of the world, they are not able to because of sexism and male misconceptions that women are less talented. Male employers or investors may choose not to employ a woman or to invest in a business run by a woman due to these misconceptions. Although women have blazed a trail in the sands of time by standing up for their rights, much remains to be done. There are still places in the world where people pay little attention to women, their ideas and their values.
Research shows that women are more in touch with their emotions than men, and that they have fewer problems expressing their feelings. Men on the other hand, are taught from childhood to be macho and to keep their more intense feelings to themselves. If today instead of a male dominated society, we became a female dominated society, things would be much different. There would be a lot of positive changes, such as less war in the world, because women prefer to come up with solutions rather than take hits to their ego and turn issues into battle.
Instead, women are portrayed by the media as sexual objects. Advertisements and movies portray women as having some form of sexual contact, the mildest being kissing. Advertisements for objects ranging from perfume to beverages exploit women in this manner.
However, it is not completely the fault of the makers of the ads; the models very obviously have a say as to whether or not they want to be a part of the movie or the advertisement being proposed. If they accept, they become shareholders in this discriminating portrayal of women. I think itís high time that women stop letting people exploit themselves as they have for centuries. The modern twenty-first century woman has evolved from being a pushover to being a bright and independent person. We, as women have come so far as to prove that we are not just people who sit at home and take care of the kids, but are career women who know whatís good for us. Why let ourselves be exploited and let everyone overlook what we have accomplished? Itís like taking one step forward and two steps back.
If we want to maintain the position that we have created for ourselves in our society, then we have to take a stand for our rights and abolish the misconceptions and exploitation related to us. Weíve come a long way from not being able to vote, so why not keep going?

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