Dry Tears
By Sana Javed

Every night a victim of child abuse cries... millionsÖ and millions of miles away. The victims survive upon one hope. That maybe, just maybe, there will be an end to all of the pain and suffering. Someone will listen to them. Itís time that their wounds will start to heal. Maybe God will finally answer their prayersÖ or maybe destiny could take a turn which will change their lives and for once they could experience happiness. Child abuse casts a shadow the length of a life time. The damage done to one by child abuse is not just physical but also psychological. Child abuse shatters a soul from inside out. This injustice scars you for eternity. Child abuse leaves behind victims that suffer forever.

Child Abuse is spreading like fire throughout the world. This crisis is shared from the developing countries to the most developed countries in the world. Unfortunately itís not an issue many adolescents are not aware of. Togo is a small country located in West Africa. There is a continent barely ever mentioned in the news, but the tensions that have arisen are extremely serious.

The life of a child born in Togo is very difficult. Children in Togo experience unthinkable forms of child abuse. The three examples below are the most recent ones.

1. One young apprentice was burnt with a blowtorch for sleeping on the job.
2. A boy was beaten by a teacher in class until he fainted.
3. A teenage girl in a Togo shelter for battered children was convalescing after her father smashed her knee until it broke.

These three examples show the diversity in the abuse. Child abuse in employment, abuse in school received from teachers, and lastly the type of child abuse found in family by parents or guardians.
Depressing isnít it? Ö Thatís just three children... There are millions of other voiceless souls like them, all around the globe. The numbers just keep increasing day by day . It is not reasonable how children are being treated like property. Itís truly unbelievable. That is why itís important that we know what goes on in the world. Especially when itís regarding youths and children no different form us. This problem needs to end. Everyone needs to join hands together and stop the abuse from escalating any further. The victims may be million of miles away, but they will always be close at heart. Child abuse is a very costly burden for a society to bear because the children of today are the future of tomorrow.

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