Maintaining Households With Prostitution
By Yumna Abbas

July 29, 2006
You often hear cases about child prostitutes and how they work for a living. Although when we mention these children and talk about their daily lives, do we think about where and when it began? We usually donít. We just see the big picture; less fortunate people trying to make a living. The purpose of this article is to help teach the children that are fortunate enough to have parents that are over protective of them that even though sometimes you think your parents are totally unfair, children all around the world have parents who treat them as objects rather than human beings.
The story of Leonilla Olayres daughters can only make you feel grateful towards everything you have, especially the freedom, the rights and the parents that will never leave your side.
Leonilla is a 33 year-old woman who maintains a family that is poor but not starving. However, it is not she who deserves credit for the food that is placed on the table every night. The credit goes to her oldest daughters, aged 10 and 12, who were forced into selling themselves along with their virginity, by their mother, to a Japanese man named Hisayoshi Maruyama, for cash.
The girls were handed over to Hisayoshi on five occasions over the previous year that their mother can count of. The most recent time, they received $60. The last five occasions has been enough for Leonilla to buy a karaoke music system that costs hundreds of dollars.
As the police were responding to a complaint from a relative and found Maruyama and the ten year old girl, in his hotel room, naked. Police reports conclude that he had sexually abused her, tied her up, photographed her and then forced her into performing oral sex.
Leonilla did not know of this for she apparently believed that he was just taking her picture for a Japanese foster-parentsí organization. She also added that many of her other neighbors had also hired their daughters to him.
The two girls had refused to be interviewed about their mother after being taken to a shelter that was run by the government.
Maruyama was not arrested when caught in the hotel room. He was brought to the police office and was then told he could bribe his way out with $4,000. He was arrested when he was unable to pay.
Even though he was taken to jail for his horrific and repulsive actions, being given the opportunity to bail out with a bribe should not have taken place at all. It will only make him more aware of what he is doing next time and would probably keep more cash on him. The police are in no way protecting their people with their laws if you can bend them with bribes. Even though the country of this story is anonymous, it is important for people to acknowledge the things that are taking place in this world, for knowledge is power and without knowledge, who can do what?

Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times

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