Violence Against Women in North America
By Salahuddin Ayyub Toor

Although North America is viewed as a place where women have equal rights and status, violence against women is STILL rampant. Forty to fifty-one percent of women experience some type of violence in their lifetime including child abuse, physical violence, rape and domestic violence. Sisters, moms, aunts all being beaten, tortured and treated like garbage, who could be responsible for these horrible acts? The person responsible is most likely and usually a current or former partner. Such violence stems from historical views of women as property and may flourish because of the public's reluctance to get involved in family matters. But that has to change, look around you, how many women do you see day to day? The concept of violence against women has been expanded to include non-traditional types such as sexual harassment, breeches of fiduciary trust and stalking. Imagine every single one being beaten, abused, raped, and tortured. Treatment of victims of violence must include ensuring their safety, encouraging them to make healthy choices and helping them to understand they are not at fault. Education at all levels is required to change attitudes which perpetuate violence despite laws which forbid it. Címon I think its time we all wake up and smell the daisies, our society has a problem, we need to solve it, if we donít do it now then how many other women have to suffer before everyone realizes that we have a major problem on our hands and our society needs to do something before its too late.

University of Toronto and The University Health Network, Toronto, Canada.

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