War: Hezbollah vs. Israel
By Anam Ansari

February 25, 2007
Imagine yourself locked up in a little room with 20 other people. You are surviving on one loaf of bread per day. You can hear the loud roars of gunfire outside and you donít know if you will be alive the next second. ImagineÖ just imagine. What you are envisioning has been the reality for tens of thousands of innocent people for the longest months of their lives. Many of you have probably heard about the war of Hezbollah vs. Israel. When I first got to know about this war, I was completely clueless. I didnít know what was going on and what the reason behind this war was. To be very honest, I didnít think much of it until it became a big deal in the news.
The war in Israel and Hezbollah started because of a kidnapping. Hezbollah (Arabic for "Party of GodĒ) crossed into Israel and attacked an Israeli Defense Force patrol which killed three soldiers. The Hezbollah force then captured two other soldiers. These two men were taken in order to set up a prisoner exchange with Israel. Israel's Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, saw this as an "act of war" and responded strongly. In return, Israel attacked all of Lebanon. After that, the cycle goes on and there is no end to it. Thousands of innocent people in both countries were slaughtered brutally because of the stupidity of those in power. Any sane person knows that that is not right. Innocent kids who havenít even grown up to live their lives are having the right to exist taken away from them. It is the responsibility of the leader of the country to make its peopleís lives better. In some countries that is not the case. Instead peopleís lives are being taken away from them for something they did not even do.
There was a time that the war of Hezbollah and Israel was the biggest headline on television, and now it is hardly mentioned. Everyone has seemed to forget about the war. We say it is over, but what about those people who are still suffering because of the damage done to their homes? What about the loss of their family members and friends? We need to let those innocent victims in war-torn countries know we havenít forgotten about them.


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