By Waleed Ahmed

March 2007
Something that isn’t highly emphasized today within the sector of the youths is 'Boredom'. Much adolescence our age are being trampled in this defect of boredom, which is causing countless health implications as there is simply nothing to do or not enough initiation is being taken to go out of our way to do something. The key reason this generation’s youths are so bored and are having so many health complications is because as one thing said by every youth of today is "nothing to do", when in reality there is so much to do that it is unimaginable. Boredom doesn't only cause health problems but degrades us intellectually. When just moping around doing nothing and going on the computers for hours and watching non-sense TV 24/7 causes one to lack knowledge of ethical things around the world. Just like your body your brain needs to be trained and thus to become more intellectually bright. Just like your body you need to train it so it becomes better than its previous state allowing you to do various activities without fatigue and with a little more ease and excitement. However, sometimes there is nothing to do at all because of the mind set by our society that technology is the way to go. All kids want to do is play video games, stay on the computer all day; overtime, this just becomes tedious and makes them extremely lazy which causes them to become 'bored'. Kids mope around the house while they can go out, play sports or even hang with some friends or even read a book for god’s sake! Haven't kids these days ever heard of reading, if you ask most teenagers our age they'll tell you they haven't read since they were in kindergarten, which was mandatory because of 'snuggle up'. There might be the few who might read a little here and there, but no one actually sits down and reads a book out of a good heart, only when they're forced to. "I'm BORED GUY”, "I'm bored as hell", on a daily basis I get this from about half my friends because they are simply just bored of their minds. Be innovative, get out and do something with your lives! The main cause of boredom is simply because kids are too lazy to go out of their way and do something productive. Like me, soon as I feel bored I start reading a book, go out for a jog, do some homework and workout like a maniac! Well that's just me! However, there’s enough to do to keep you entertained or occupied. Do teenagers ever sit down and just talk to their parents? Or maybe read up on their holy book and read a word or two of wisdom and ponder upon it. Problem with today’s teenagers are that they're just too lazy, ever since technology has become a part of our lives everyone has become dependent on it. Since all of you are having so many problems finding something to do get off your bums and write an article for ytga! become a member! or better yet take part in our upcoming play! rather than wasting your time doing "nothing" do something, which is ytga. Another thing is that if ever your computer ever goes out I'll guarantee you that majority of your friends will go nuts 'cause they can't go on msn or listen to music for a while. Hello people!!!! Ever heard of reading the newspaper, or books, or even write an article for us. If you know something that is going on in the world and should be made aware to everyone, pick up a pen or a pencil and start writing! Does anyone even know what's going on in this day and age? I don't think half of them even know how lucky we are to live in such a place of solitude and freedom without being told what to do. I think we should make all this more prominent so kids actually find a hobby and aren't bored anymore. Boredom is a big problem in our society, which has to be dealt with, or we're going to have obesity hitting us like no tomorrow! With that being said, I think many should take some action and get out there in the real world! I mean who wants to be fat right? Be creative, innovative and original! Pass the boredom stage.

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