Religions and Cultures
By Yumna Abbas

November 15, 2006
When people hear the word “culture” they automatically associate it with religion. Though if you actually look into how some people are guided by culture and others by religion, you will see that they are two separate things. An article about persecutions of Ahmadiyyas made me think about how there is no reason why someone can say that a religion is wrong. If anything is wrong, it is the way that people think and act. The article I read shows a perfect example of the irony created by Muslims.
Islam is a religion of peace and unity much like all religions. I believe Islam preaches the same morals as Christians, Catholics, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and all other faiths; to love, to appreciate, to be honest etc. So why is it that Muslims have created “types of Muslims” and judge “non-Muslims?” Why is it that they do unethical things such as persecute others for not being their “type” of Muslim and then call themselves Muslims? Are they not a walking, talking contradiction? Islam does not talk about Unity in the sense that everybody practices the same religion in the same way. I believe it talks about unity in the sense that we should all come together, put aside our differences and act as one soul, one body instead of so many broken, little souls. How else can we bring justice to this world? See the difference in culture and religion? No religion teaches to persecute those who practice different religions. It is in some of our cultures to think like that (especially in the third world countries such as Pakistan).
What’s funny is that there are 72 “types” of Muslims, all of whom pray to the same god, facing the same way. So how do we stop the discrimination? Well I ask people questions that get them thinking and when I’m asked what “kind” of Muslim I am, I tell them I am a Muslim and nothing but a Muslim. After all, I am not just a “type” of Muslim; I’m so much more.


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