Humanitarian Killings in Indonesia
By Salahuddin Ayyub Toor

If youíre reading this article I assume you want to be a humanitarian, someone who wants to know about the injustices in our world, a type of patriot for the human race. Well I found out about something thatís happened to our fellow patriots in Indonesia and Iím shocked, stunned, hurt and probably the most, royally pissed outta my mind. What would be able to make me so angry? Deaths, but not normal deaths, no, these deaths arenít normal and the people who die, no, sorry I think I should use a better word for that, the people who are killed not only donít deserve it but for the reason theyíre killed not only is completely ridiculous, but cold blooded and downright evil. Three humanitarians were abducted, tortured, then shot point blank by military personnel identified by eyewitnesses. The humanitarians were helping in rehabilitation of torture victims in whatís known as a stronghold of the Free Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka or GAM) and were assumed to be all GAM supporters and thus killed. So trying to help people gets you killed? What happened in Indonesia to these humanitarians is unacceptable and shouldnít ever happen, hopefully the guys who did it will get what they deserve, but just the thought of acts like this occurring across the world not only in Indonesia but in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries is heart breaking and saddening.

Dear reader, who ever you are or where ever you live, people who are not only innocent but are trying to help people in need are being killed, are you seriously going to sit around and do nothing while at the back of your head you know good, honest people who just want to save and make lives better for others are being senselessly killed? R.I.P. to the three people killed and the one villager who is still missing. And to the men who killed them, personally, I hope you all suffer for clipping the wings of angels.


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