Teenage Relationship Abuse
By Salahuddin Ayyub Toor

Wow.. I was just watching 'America’s Most Wanted' and they did a whole segment on teen age abuse, not from parents, not from strangers, but from people who we’re really close to… people we say we love, teenage abuse in dating. They profiled one girls story from Texas I think and she was in a great relationship until a few months in when it all turned, guys becoming controlling and wanting their significant other to do what ever they say whenever they say, a mentality that all of us have probably seen probably many, many times in our lives sadly. What’s so amazing is that according to AMW ¼ teens have been abused in a relationship. That’s crazy… they polled a group of high school kids and nearly every single kid said they had seen, heard or been a part of teenage abuse in dating. Truthfully that’s totally unacceptable, that our friends, family and loved ones are being treated like dirt by people they say they love and who say they ‘love’ them also. It’s not only girls though who are affected by relationship abuse, guys get it too, stalking, emails, threats, you name it both genders get it. Sexual abuse, physical, emotional, all of it happens everyday to so many people sometimes even in front of us at school but do we do anything about it? The girl profiled on AMW sadly was stabbed 6 times by her ex-boyfriend and died at her high school in front of many onlookers and friends. As youth in this situation a lot of us are confused about what a healthy relationship is since we’ve been in so few. How can we stop it? Help victims? And ultimately stop it in our society, sadly majority of it happens from males so guys, as a guy I’m going to say this simply, stop the shit, if you really care about someone give them respect and space and I can guarantee you’ll get more love in return than you can ever imagine, to the girls, scratching, stalking, harassing isn’t going to make any guy fall for you or even want to know you, ultimately if we want to stop teenage abuse in relationships we’ve gotta learn what healthy relationships look like and how we can make them the norm in our young society. To the people who are victims of abuse, tell someone, a friend, a parent, teacher, role model, tell anyone who you feel comfortable with or even someone you trust. If you don’t stand up and tell someone about what’s happening to you, later on in life someone else may become a victim of the same thing by the same person, true strength comes from standing up for something. To end off I guess I have a small message to the people out there who are lost in abusive relationships and are down with little to no hope, its hard… it might get really hard sometimes but the bad times don’t last forever and one day everything will be alright but you have to be able to take that first step to happiness before you can find your way to it.

America's Most Wanted, Fox

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