Living as a Muslim: Persecution for our beliefs?
By Waleed Ahmed

July 2006
Living as a Muslim here isn’t bad because we are accepted here and our beliefs are respected by everyone around us, but in other countries living as a Muslim is like living in a war zone 24/7. Places like Europe and Iraq where Muslims are being discriminated and killed on a daily basis is in humane. People shouldn’t have to be stripped of their lives because of what they believe in. Most of the reason why Muslims are being persecuted is because of their “extremism” well if your family was killed wouldn’t you be angry? No one knows how it feels so they think what we are doing is wrong and for the price we should be stripped of our lives? This to me isn’t right at all. Let’s say someone shot your mom and she died and the person did it for no reason just because they had old “beef” with your family and wanted to take it out on an innocent person, wouldn’t you get angry? You can’t blame the Muslims for their acts because no one has been put in such a position. Thousands of Muslims die because of what they believe in especially Europe, they look at Muslims as the most “extreme elements of their midst”, meaning they’re brutal and have no mercy. This in my opinion isn’t true no person not even Muslims should be stripped of their lives because you believe in something different or don’t believe in the same thing, if I get into detail in reality we all believe in the same thing, which is the fundamental belief it’s just that it has been diluted within a hundred generations passing by beliefs might have been twisted to meet society. But let’s get back on track; Muslims are looked upon as extremists, why? Just because they don’t understand how it feels to lose everything in blink of an eye. So they believe we as Muslims have no right to fight back? If you look at Palestine and Israel this war between these 2 countries has been going on for the longest time. Muslims are being killed, families are disappearing instantly but yet they believe we have no right to do anything? So what if we a get a little rough its understandable no one knows how it feels. As Muslims we believe in that if someone slaps you on one cheek turn your other cheek, meaning if someone hurts you in anyway forgive them and give them a second chance. Do you honestly think that after family and after people after people dying, Muslims aren’t going to do anything at all but sit back and continue to turn their cheeks? No one should be killed for what they are or what they believe in. Every person when they’re born have the right to believe and the right live, and that shouldn’t be taken away from them ‘cause someone doesn’t agree with that every person has free will and can do whatever they want and can defend them anyway which you think is sensible or right for the situation obviously thinking it over first then acting. So everyone who’s reading this please remember that we’re people just like you and have the right to believe in what we want and our lives shouldn’t be taken away just because someone doesn’t agree with us. If you’re a Jew, a christen you all have the right to believe without there being a consequence.

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