Terrorism and the Media
By Hasaan Saeed

December 15, 2009

Pakistan is facing troubles times where people are dying every day of terrorism around the country. What this does is it causes the image of the country to be a bad one in the international circuit arena. As a result what the media is doing nowadays is that it is tending to highlight the issue regarding the political conflicts on the NRO list of beneficiaries.

The media can help by focusing on the real issue at hand which is fighting terrorism. If the media optimistically causes global awareness on how Pakistan has been effectively fighting terrorism then there can be different viewpoints about the country, mainly better ones.

For one moment let us focus on the bomb blasts which have been going off in the country. Obviously they are highly tragic, but if you consider some of the blasts which have occurred on the security check posts which have been put up to beef up the security, then there is another way of looking at it. Basically if the bomb blasts had occurred someplace else instead of the security check posts as they did, then it could have or would have caused even more damage to a larger extend. What the media only focuses is on after an incident like that is how many lives were lost. Fair enough that should be covered, but it would be better if it was done in an optimistic manner. The media should help focus on how those lives did not get wasted since they helped getting in the line of fire to protect a wider range of people. It is basically about how you look at it. The media can act more optimistic and as a result create positivity even from the darkest things.

Pakistan is doing a very good job at fighting terrorism and the rest of the world should realize that. I believe that we can portray this message clearly if we use the help of the media to cause awareness on how we as a nation stand against terrorism. The media nowadays has a great outreach in the international circuit and cause awareness to a great degree. People who think negatively of our country would then think nicely of us.

The media can help us fight terrorism by being optimistic in the fact on how we have been able to have a successful operation in Swat instead of focusing on the list of NRO beneficiaries. There should be solutions discussed on media on how to fight terrorism as a nation. The political issues raised are something which are not as important for a normal citizen. As an individual, anyone would be more concerned on the how to fight terrorism as compared to who was in the list of NRO beneficiaries for an example.

The Pakistani operation is South Waziristan is an ongoing activity and we should applaud the efforts of our young fighting soldiers. More awareness of our achievements can be spread in an optimistic manner by the help of the media. The right of the freedom of speech can help us cause more awareness through the media on how Pakistan is effectively fighting terrorism and will continue to do so until it is eliminated.

Pakistan is a peace loving country and does not promote terrorism. This cause of mass awareness can be spread by the help of the media. The media can be more optimistic and help us raise our voices to those who question us. We are liberal and tolerant individuals. However they are the silent majority. They should stand up against the extremist elements and through activism and should raise their voices against extremist elements in the media at least.

Pakistani media can help amplify the fact that we as a nation will not stand extremism and cause awareness on how we are doing a good job at eradicating it. Media can help the liberal raise their voice against the cruelties of terrorism nowadays.

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda have lost control of their own organization and are trying to make up for it through the media. The media should be careful on not to help their cause by showing their messages on they want to be shown. Terrorism can be spread by the help of the media. Initially if you think about it, the video where it was showed that there is beating of a little girl in Swat by the Taliban was a message that they wanted to get across and cause a sense of fear, panic, anxiety and frustration in the country. I believe it was mainly to embarrass us in the international circuit.

The Taliban and Al-Qaeda are trying to attempt to hide their barbaric acts from the public and issuing statements to that effect saying that this is a war against non Muslims etc. The media can help eradicate their cause by trying not to help them through this kind of recognition since it is not true. They cannot be put in charge to decide who gets to live or die on the basis of religion. Furthermore Islam is a religion of peace, and what they are doing is highly condemned by Islam and it is not an act of a Muslim. The media can help eradicate any type of misconceptions that the terrorist have caused in the international arena due to their “cover-ups”

The main issue at hand for Pakistan is the fight against terrorism which is being carried out successfully to an extent. The media can help cause more awareness by making this issue the focal point of their coverage in an optimistic manner which can help. If more energy is put in fighting terrorism than compared to the political agendas then the media can help spread a very optimistic message across on how successfully Pakistan is fighting terrorism. If there is better news told by the media it can be more encouraging for the country.

The media should realize that they should cover the issue of terrorism in an optimistic way on how good the Pakistani forces are in standing against terrorism. If caused more awareness in this manner, it can be very encouraging for us as individuals. The political issues are something which are causing stress in the economy which is not needed.

Fair enough the list of NRO beneficiaries is a new “hot” story, however, the media should not nonstop focus on it as much as it is, instead if the media acts optimistically on the fight against terror and help us unite then that would be something constructive. The media can help us raise our voices against terrorism.

Pakistan is fighting terrorism and doing a good job at it. President Obama has also acknowledged this fact on the press conference along with Manmohan Singh on the 24th of November the Pakistani media should also get this message across and cause a sense of unity and faith.

Before people start thinking globally that Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism, we should cause awareness that we as a nation do not stand terrorism and are doing everything possible to eradicate is. The media can help with this by causing more awareness in an optimistic manner of our achievements regarding it.

The Pakistani media can help us unite as a single voice to fight terrorism. The political issue like the list of NRO beneficiaries is not a very optimistic way of getting everyone together in the country. We should tell the world that Pakistan as a nation is not standing terrorism and doing everything in its power to eradicate it.

The Taliban and Al Qaeda have been trying to get their messages across by the help of the media, if the media does not focus on them maybe that would discourage them. However, the media can also show the world how effectively Pakistan is fighting terrorism. The media can help us raise the nation’s voice in a liberalistic point of view. This can help to cause awareness of how Pakistan is effectively fighting terrorism in the global circuit.

Pakistan as a nation is a peace loving country as discussed earlier. The terrorist activities in the country do not help portray that image in the global circuit. However, the political issue regarding the list of NRO beneficiaries being highlighted does not help the cause either. What the media can do is help the country by reporting in an optimistic manner on how good we are and how effectively we are fighting terrorism, because that is the real issue at hand.

Sources; The News, Dawn, Daily Times, The Nation

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