Eating Disorders
By Tayyaba Anwar

July 16, 2009

Over 97% of women detest the way they look and many believe it is all because of the media and their emphasis on the ideal figure of a woman. Supermodels like Kate Moss and other stick thin women are flaunted on the cover of magazines all over the world promoting a perfect shape. Girls of all ages are forced to believe that this is what people want to see. They think that this is what they should look like and they try to set impossible goals for themselves. As a result, many women all over the world suffer from psychological illnesses which lead to eating disorders. Three of the most common eating disorders known are anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge disorder.

People used to think anorexia nervosa is a way of living which a person chooses himself, but now many are starting to doubt that. Anorexia chooses its victims itself and more than often they are the ones who are emotionally weak, insecure or have undergone some sort of trauma. It can found in men and elderly, but mostly women are susceptible to anorexia. It involves an aversion to food that leads to a state of starvation, which can inevitably lead to death. In spite of this extreme weight loss, people with anorexia believe they are fat and they obsess over every little pound they wear. Even a slight womanly curve seems repulsive to them. Most of them are afraid of growing up or looking like an adult woman, so to give themselves an appearance of a child, they starve themselves, until the whole womanly figure is distorted.

They believe skinny is beautiful, but to them, they are never skinny enough. The skinnier they get, the more they believe they have to further lose weight. Anorexic people usually fear facing criticism. To them, fatness is another word for ugly, and if they go fat, people will laugh at them, and thatís their insecurity. So, they exercise, fast on water, and kill every pound of fat or muscle they believe as repugnant. It is a common knowledge that lots of models are anorexic and many have died as a result. Eliana Ramos, Luisel and Ana Carolina Reston are just a few of the lot who died trying to go skinny. Their lives have a same chapter: They are on a knife edge. Too fat and they have to face the world and be a laughing stock. Too thin and they die.

Binge eating, another disorder, involves a series of episodes in which the person rapidly consumes an excessively large amount of food. The reasons for such behavior can be various, ranging from depressing to boredom. They eats even when not really hungry and usually they tend to eat alone in the fear of being discovered. Later they feel disgusted, guilty and depressed. Many of them become severely obese and are put at a risk of many diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol levels, gallbladder diseases and heart diseases. Many people however, mortified and embarrassed, purge the food out of their bodies every time they have a binge. A person undergoing such a situation is known to have Bulimia Nervosa.

People with Bulimia Nervosa undergo a terrifying dilemma with every passing second. They want to be thin, but they want to eat. So the conclusion is the same: they eat to their heartís desire, and then they force themselves to vomit. They use laxatives, emetics and pills to purge the food. Then they exercise in order to compensate for their behavior, and suddenly they have another binge, and the cycle continues.

Sufferers from these diseases usually lie and hide their condition, which makes it difficult to treat them since they wonít admit they have a problem. They feel isolated, depressed, have swing of moods and low self-worth which can eventually lead to suicide. They really need is motivation and support. Until the Scientists develop some medication for them, their only hope is psychological help, care and support of their family and friends. People having Anorexia need love, shelter and security. They have to be made believe that they have a problem, and that they have to change the way they feel about food and themselves.

Most importantly they have to be made believe that they are beautiful no matter what. People having Bulimia and Binge Disorder have to be taught to monitor their eating habits, avoid situations that triggers a desire to binge and cope with stress in a healthy manner. Their life, their physical and emotional health is highly at stake, so they should never be ignored, because love and support might yet be another cure for such illnesses.


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