Sex Cults
By Fatima Salim Khawaja

July 16, 2009

When I was first informed that my topic for the week was “sex cults”, I thought, “piece of cake!” In fact, I wasn’t even against them. I thought that it’s the fundamental right of all consenting adult people to be part of whatever social groups they please, may they be religious, hippies, or as mentioned earlier, very perverted as long as they weren’t breaking any laws, being forced, or hurting anyone. I was in for a surprise.

Research on the topic left me absolutely shocked. Not only do these sex cults actively condone child abuse (both physical and sexual) for children as young as 3 years of age, they also stand by incest despite having full knowledge of the practices of the members! In such cults, fathers raping their own pubescent daughters are a common phenomenon, and the children are openly “shared” among members regardless of age differences.

Children who are born to members of such cults are practically bred for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. A ranch in Texas - which was exposed and raided after a desperate 16-year old girl, was married off to a 50-year old man who repeatedly beat, choked, and raped her, managed to steal a mobile-phone and called the police - had over 400 children in its remote headquarters. Most children were born in the cult premises and had no idea about life outside the iron gates. The polygamist sect entered under-aged girls into marriage with men much older with little or no resistance because the girls were indoctrinated from birth to believe disobedience would lead to their damnation. Upon investigation, it was also found out that minor girls were forced into childbearing, with around 20 women who had become mothers at the age of 13.

And there I was claiming so boldly that no one under the age of 18 should be legally allowed to have children. The world often slaps you in the face with its brutal irony, doesn’t it?

From 50 year olds having sex with 11 year old girls to a man having up to 30 wives who bore him around 80 children, all is acceptable. Just recently, the leader of a sex cult in Indonesia, Agus Imam Solichin, was detained on the charges of instructing his followers to indulge in group orgies while he watched.

Likewise, Lee Thompson - a resident of Darlington – was confronted by the police when complaints were made that he was holding a woman against her will. This surfaced when he was seen holding his girlfriend on a leash in public, with her neck and hands tied to ropes. It is also alleged that he made his lovers have sex with other men, although he claims that no involuntary act has ever taken place. He openly bases his beliefs on novels written by American university professor John Norman, and calls his sect “Kaotians”, in which the men quite literally treat the women as their slaves, as clearly seen from Lee’s own behavior towards his lover.

Now that’s just wrong! And the most horrifying part of this is that the women actually willingly joined the cult out of curiosity after reading about it over the internet. Talk about having serious frustration issues?

Worst of all was the revelation that most of these sex cults take cover of innocent activities, and are often grossly misinterpreted adaptations of the practiced religions, especially of Christianity. “The Family”, a very well-known and exposed sex cult created by David Berg, termed its activities as following the “law of love” preached by their savior, Christ. Berg regarded sex as a God-given gift that anyone, including children, could participate in! Reports of him actively sexually abusing his own daughter and daughter-in-law amongst scores of other women (both, adults and under-aged) have been filed. Nonetheless, the population numbers of “The Family” today waver between 10,000 and 12,000 in over 100 countries on all continents and are ever increasing still.

It is also the same cult to which the famous Ricky Rodriguez was born in. He was actually hailed as a Messiah by David Berg himself who claimed that Rodriguez would one day lead the cult. Little did he know that at the age of 29 the so-called “Messiah” would end up blaming the cult for his destroyed childhood, kill his nanny (who sexually assaulted him as a child), and shoot his brains out.

Now the question that filled my head as I went through all this information was: (apart from children) why on earth would anyone in their right mind choose to join such cults which do nothing more than to abuse you? I’ve come across 2 theories to explain that.

1. The first theory states that most cults use abuse and confinement to induce capture-bonding. In this situation, the victims of the abuse eventually begin to develop feelings of love, affection, and even sexual desire for their perpetrators. This is known as the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

By doing so, the cults ensure emotional dependency of the victims on them which ultimately makes them helpless in their powerful grasp.

2. The second theory is slightly complicated. It’s a recently discovered fact by Evolutionary Psychology that getting Attention causes certain chemicals to be released into one’s brain, creating a euphoric and pleasurable feeling in the individual’s body. Hence, man has always craved attention and has gone through extreme lengths to get some. The natural process of the induction of these chemicals is through 3 stages: Action, Attention, and Reward (ARR).

The cults nowadays have discovered this psycho-physical secret and misuse it to recruit members. They artificially induce the chemicals that provide members the brain rewards. This is done via drugs, and other rites in which one is exposed to surrounding people in such extreme amounts that the chemicals are released without having to go through the three stages of ARR, therefore influencing the member to the extent of becoming an addiction.

In the most extreme forms of cult “possession,” victims are so influenced by cults using the attention reward pathway that their own survival becomes inconsequential and they become ready to do anything for the cult.

Never thought biology would be helping eagle-eyed preying cults to trap victims did you? Don’t worry. I didn’t either.

There have been other numerous surfaced reports of sex cults and their leaders who have misused disciples for sexual gratification. Most cult leaders believe themselves to be Gods, their victims their slaves, and preach that performing sexual rites increases spirituality. The net opens volumes upon volumes of information regarding various cases where both adults and children have been abused and assaulted in the name of holiness and purification.

An example is of Leonardo C. Erobas, who is the head of the “Espedeject Ideology: Global One Man Rule Program,” a bizarre cult within the Philippines which believes sexual acts with younger partners in public will somehow purify the soul. Similarly, the leader of the “Neo-American Church” Feigley, advocated the use of children for sexual gratification according to police reports.

One shudders at the very thought, and they claim it as their religion.

All-in-all we live in a cruel world and it doesn’t help to live in a bubble. It’s vital to be aware that such evils exist among us in our own communities in order to shield ourselves, and especially our children from their fiery claws that hold nothing but doom.


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