By Maryam Hussain

April 7, 2009
By the increase in awareness and researches it has been proven that a whole lot of teenagers resort to drugs for comfort, attention, distraction and to especially escape from reality and boredom. Narcotics have become a solution to boredom and free time. However the question as to why youngsters do it has various reasons. This common social evil may be the result of bad relationships with the people that hold importance in their lives.

Taking into light the concept of bad relationships, it may be between a child and the parents, amongst friends as well as two lovers etc. These are some of the most important relations in life and with the passage of time these kin weaken and are deteriorated. It is vital to realize that the affect of weak relations can be very disturbing for the victim in every aspect of the term; physically, emotionally and mentally.

First and foremost the parents have a heavy affect on the lives of their offspring. Lack of attention, negative attention, negative strokes as well as a bad relation amongst the husband and wife may have negative affect on the child to a great extent. In order to hide from the harsh reality these young and disturbed minds look for comfort in different things, and that is when drugs come into the picture.

Some parents neglect their children for different reasons. They always compare them with other children concerning studies, grades and manners. That’s a pure nightmare for the children. At times divorced parents aren’t able to give their children the attention and quality time needed, because they are so engrossed in their own lives and the problems revolving them. The children clearly need a way to overcome all their sorrows, and since their parents are not too involved in their lives their habit of using drugs may be exacerbated.

The children that have no relationship with their parents at least have friends to turn to in low times. However at some instances the friends don’t even remain. These very delicate relations are also tested from time to time. One has to stay calm and talk sensibly even in harsh times so at to not break the fragile golden thread that forms a good relationship. If very close friends end their relations they may gain interests in drugs in order to escape the hardships of reality.

It is common amongst youngsters as well as grown up adults to follow their idols, and if their idols do wrong then they may do the same. Those idols so not necessarily have to be a popular person; they may be a close parent or even a lover. If one of these idols, which are supposed to be a role model for them, take drugs, then by influence the youngsters may start it too in order to gain attention from them.

Peer pressure has a major contribution in this issue. A lot of children feel ‘cool’ and ‘in’ if they take drugs. It is another way of attaining popularity and acceptance amongst the peers. There are also other misconceptions that it makes them ‘feel good’ and that they get rid of all the tensions life puts their way. Unfortunately it doesn’t just end there, the consumption dosage is increased in order to have the same feeling and after affect.

Many kids also want to experiment with drugs because it is supposed to give them a ‘relief’ from all the problems in life, Such innocence often leads them the wrong way and before they even realize the matter gets out of hand and it becomes too hard to turn back. Contrary to some common notions drugs are not only marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hashish etc. stressed young blood tend to abuse sleeping and relaxation pills also.

The world dominated entertainment industry also plays a role in the promotion of drug consumption. When teens see their favorite and famous TV stars and singers promoting about it they automatically feel a pull towards it. A large number of movies and songs feature big stars that either take drugs or are in some way affiliated with them. This naturally has a major impact on the youngsters as they are keen follow their idols.

However, at times it is also the boredom, free time and the interest in experimenting which leads them the wrong way. In order to forget all the problems in life they find peace and tranquility because some drugs takes away the ability to think properly, while others take them into a completely different world. Hallucinogens such as Cannabis and Red Mushrooms are also acceptable amongst teens because it takes them into a different world of fantasies. These substances play tricks on their minds and the issues of teen years are easily forgotten.

The problem of drug addiction is a common one and unfortunately not so successfully controlled. The need is to spread excessive awareness amongst the youngsters as well as the adults so they can take immediate steps if they notice the addiction symptoms in their children. Apart from the immediate affects on an abuser it has numerous side effects which may be long term and short term, and one may do things that are regretted afterwards.

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