Poverty in Pakistan
By Qanbar Ali Khan

March 7, 2009
Countries, no matter how wealthy they are, are bound to have poverty, in a minute amount or in a vast quantity. Even in developed countries like USA and England does poverty exists, in the form of ghettos and unemployment. The recent global economic downturn has given rise to poverty across the globe, and in a country like Pakistan, whose population is well above 160 million, the effects have been felt severely. Already being a third world developing country depending immensely on foreign aid, it has been reduced to taking a huge loan from the IMF to feed its huge population; a loan which it may not be able to pay in the future.
Even though high budget luxury cars can be seen on the roads of Pakistan, the common man still worries about how to feed his family, and whether he would be able to buy the basic necessities of life. Working tirelessly in the scorching sun all day still earns him less than what his hard work deserves, but that is the unjust nature of life when you are a common and an honest person in a third world country. He can only look at the luxuries of life, because he knows that his pocket does not allow him to even give a thought of buying expensive things; he knows his priorities are to feed his children and get them educated so that they have a brighter future than he has, and maybe if they are lucky, they can go abroad and work, because there is no future for a poor a person with a mediocre education in a country with a free falling economy.
It has been estimated that 74% of Pakistanís population lives under $ 2 a day, 40 % have no access to clean water and 50% are deprived of sanitation, which makes life a living hell for the poor souls that were ill-fated to be born in the slums of Pakistan. Such an unhealthy environment has caused severe illnesses in the residents, and the government has not been able to provide adequate health facilities to cure the patients. Infant mortality rate is high, around 88 per 1000. The government has not provided basic education, and it is mainly the males who get the little education that is provided. And with food shortages starting to immerge in this once agricultural rich country, the poor youth of our country will be forced to turn to crime and theft to feed their hunger.

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