Globalization: drawbacks and merits
By Muhammad Shuaib Hussain

February 18, 2009
The term globalization can be defined as the growth to a global level. It covers some of the many important issues around the world some being the economic and political affairs. At the moment the world is undergoing a recession, with a very harsh downturn. Tension between great powers of the world is rising continuously; which raises an important question of where the world is headed.

There are many merits and drawbacks of globalization. In my opinion the drawbacks are far more heinous compared to the merits. Our global village has witnessed the drawbacks of propagandas promoted by television. Radio, newspapers etc, unfortunately some of us tend to blindly believe it all.

One of the famous American propagandas is against Afghanistan; that it shelters terrorists that are a huge treat to the American territory. The United States then further attacked Iraq because it claimed that they possessed ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. Ironically even after the killings after of thousands of innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan the media claims that Muslims are the sole terrorists, fundamentalists and extremists. Not to ignore that fundamentalism in the Islamic term is adherence to the five basic tenants i.e. to believe in one God, the prophet S.A.W as His messenger, the five obligatory prayers, fasting and pilgrimage. As for terrorism and extremism- these concepts do not even exist in Islam, and for a fundamental Muslim they have no significance!

However, as aforementioned globalization has its positive affects enjoined to it. It is the very reason our world has developed to such a great extent. Aeroplanes, cars, motorbikes have been developed for modern and more comfortable transport, iPod and PlayStation for entertainment. It is the source of the world’s largest library; the internet. We cannot ignore these facts as they are essential for us today and cover an important part of our lives. Even though tomorrow remains unpredictable, any further development will most likely be due to globalization

The way it allows countries to develop together is beyond marvellous. Asian countries have a lot of factories, because labour is cheaper in these countries. The rich markets on the other hand are investing in research and cutting edge technology. Rich countries are also developing already marvellous inventions like computers. The newest super computer has the capacity to perform 1 petaFLOPS/1000 teraflops. This collaboration has proved to bring us to this stage that we call, today, the 21st century.

Indeed these are some of the wonderful achievements out of so many which remain unnamed; globalization has proven to be a unique marvel incapable of being shattered by anything. It will probably continue like this however it’s side affects should not be ignored. It’s like drug, if injected under proper circumstances it’s beyond useful and if misused it is like an intoxicating sickness which is nearly incurable and contagious to some extent.


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