Youth Suicides
By Waleed Ahmed

January 7, 2009
Youth suicides... is it a problem which should be given attention to? According to recent studies, people who believe that young kids don’t think about committing suicides have been proven to be a mythic belief. But the question which must be answered is why these young teens are having these suicidal thoughts. Many of us may not care or even concern ourselves with suicides because of the “more important” issues in the world. Nevertheless this is a matter which includes all teens. Recent studies have shown that “Teens and suicide are more closely linked than adults might expect. In a survey of 15,000 grade 7 to 12 students in British Columbia, 34% knew of someone who had attempted or died by suicide; 16% had seriously considered suicide; 14% had made a suicide plan; 7% had made an attempt and 2% had required medical attention due to an attempt.” This clearly indicates that Youth suicides are evident and a major issue in young teenagers lives today. In Canada, suicide is the second highest cause of death - youth aging from 10 – 24 are included in this statistic. This is no joke ladies and gentlemen; therefore action should be taken. What may stun you is that researchers have come across a remarkable discovery that contemplating or committing suicide may indeed be a genetic phenomenon. Through research done by the child rights council in Canada, a conclusion has been made that though teens who are contemplating suicide are never direct about the situation, there are still warning signs which are apparent that a teen is having suicidal thoughts:
• abrupt change in behaviour
•lack of interest, withdrawal, eating patterns fluctuate
•Unusual preoccupation with death or dying
•Giving up personal possessions which you value
•Signs of depression; moodiness, hopelessness
•More than one previous suicide attempts
•Recent attempt or death by suicide by a friend or a family member
I believe that this is something which shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you look at the list, there are probably 3 or 4 of those which could be applied to people you may know. So, does this mean they’re contemplating suicide? Maybe or maybe not, but the fact of the matter is that the reason someone may even go into a state of depression where he/she would want to him/herself could be because of you. And the fact that the second highest cause of death in Canada is suicide committed by teens should be enough to make you jump off your chair as your reading this and go do something.
Now why are these kids having these suicidal thoughts? Could it be caused by stress from school, home or even being ridiculed by their own so called “friends?” The answer is that they all could be possibilities but the reality is that there is no benefit in committing this act. Let’s look at the flipside, if you were to be successful in committing suicide, then what? You’ve wasted a whole life where so much could’ve been accomplished. It’s sad to see these events so prominent in society but it is the harsh reality of life. Maybe programs could be started to help these kids realize that there life is a great thing. Life is the most amazing luxury of all because of what it allows us to do and just because it’s not going your way, doesn’t mean you should give up on it. Nothing is ever perfect in life, it’s our job to make it as perfect as possible by our efforts and the constant strive for the better. “Life's not always fair. Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.”


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