The Last Hurrah!
By Ahsan Shahzad

January 27, 2009
This article does not represent the stance of the entire organization on the issue, merely the opinions of one Trooper.

There was almost a sense of disappointment as President George W Bush, a man whose personal approval ratings at below thirty per cent are lower than any president has ever achieved, faced the press for the last time. He defended his record vigorously at times and admitted to a few of the more obvious mistakes; 'Mission accomplished', being one of them and the curious case of the vanishing, Weapons of Mass Destruction being another – but 'disappointment' hung over the event nevertheless. How history will judge the man and his eight years of office? That remains to be seen. But if his approval rating is poor at home, it’s a little sort of abysmal in much of the rest of the world -and not only at a personal level. G. W. Bush has created a sort of bedrock of unpopularity for America and its foreign policies, which is going to take a long time to erode.

'Disappointment' is something of an understatement. He was 'disappointed' at the maltreatment of prisoners in Abu Gharib, and the inept way the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina was handled and he was ‘disappointed’ with "the tone in Washington, DC". He even found some disappointment-in-advance to bestow on his successor Barrack Hussein Obama who will find that "...sometimes your biggest disappointments will come from your so-called ‘friends.’" Disappointments aside it seemed as though he was somehow struggling to come to grips with where it all went wrong for him (not just him but also, where it went wrong for the whole world). He relied heavily throughout his term on a kitchen-cabinet of advisers whose own ideological imperatives (an example of Condoleezza Rice) translated into wrong turns for him. He never acquired the competencies of an international statesman. In his last years he saw the world through a filter of dogmatism whilst carrying a banner for 'freedom' which was emblazoned with bombs dropped by himself.

The previous time Bush had faced the press was in Baghdad and he demonstrated that he still had speedy reactions and good peripheral vision when he was 'showed shoes', by one of the reporters in attendance. The shoes however, did miss, the unlucky Bush. He could’ve got some praises though. Anyhow, now the baton has been handed. Thank God that he has left us to hope for the better. Few in the Middle East are going to mourn his passing and he may well have done more to proliferate global terrorism that any of his predecessors. Enjoy your retirement and a hopefully peaceful death, Ex- Mr. President... and don't call us, we'll call you…Maybe.

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