The Purpose of Life
By Hassan Arshad

Dec. 1, 2008

Today as humanity progresses more resilient and adamant than ever before in the pursuit of knowledge, our minds branch from the conventional streams of thought into more arcane and obscure areas of enlightenment, begetting questions of incredible profundity that challenge the core of our being. One such question is regarding the reason of our existence: What is the purpose of life?

This question relates to general life and has deep roots in both science and religion. It is in sorts, like the two sides of any situation. But, that situation can be viewed from a multitude of perspectives leading us into a spectral exodus of opinions and points of view. And so, for an individual the answer becomes one’s own opinion. Hence, the question morphs into two dimension and becomes. What is the purpose of “your” life?

Happiness. That is my opinion.

If we observe a lifetime, any lifetime, we observe that we have always been in pursuit of something and in the attainment of that something lies in our happiness and so our peace and tranquility. The Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) strives to attain salvation for his people and therein lies his happiness. The other works hard to mould a suitable future for her child and in his success she is happy. The teacher is happy to teach just like the drunk is happy to drink. And, in that respect, with every yearn emanating from the same foundation, w all converge and unite to become one…

I believe that something that is chosen to represent everything that we have stood for through time and what we stand for now should cover all that we have been, are and will be. All our hopes and dreams, all our victories and defeats, all the triumphs and the tragedies and what better than the sentiment that subtly embosses yet overshadows all that we do. Happiness. And so, it is my belief, that in its pursuit is our calling, our definition and so our purpose to live.

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