Right to Food
By Rabiya Sahibzada

November 20th, 2007

Right to Food.

Ever wondered while having your dinner if everyone else in the world had ample amount of food to eat? Or why you get to eat rice, bread, and dessert, in more than one serving, while the poor child sprawled on the footpath across your house has to rely on a single loaf of bread all week. Is it
because his father is poor and yours isnít? Furthermore, is it because he HAS no father at all. Does not it make it your duty then to provide food to the orphan since his being uneducated, he doesnít even know how to earn money for food except begging.

Yes. I think it does. Surely, it does. There is more food in this world than the world requires, yet we see people in Africa dying of hunger and thirst everyday. So many people in the developed countries are suffering from obesity, a disease caused by overeating and a nutritional imbalance. Even pet dogs get to eat more in the United States than the children in Africa do. Oh, there is ample food in the world, but it is unjustly divided. Itís not our fault right? Itís not our fault that there is dry, barren desert in most of Africa and that food cannot be produced without irrigation. Okay, so itís not our fault. But it is our fault that we go to sleep every night with our stomachs churning with the several helpings of dinner we took. Many people in the world cannot sleep due to the emptiness in their stomachs. Why is it our fault, you ask? Because we can do something about it! We can distribute the food we have or we can afford. There are several charities that are given worldwide by celebrities, while Muslims give zakat, or charity, every year to reduce this poverty. Yet there are many empty stomachs in the world. It is time to give more than just zakat. It is time for countries to gift food to the needy, without portraying to them that we pity them, or are granting them an extraordinary favor. Why? Because it is their unavoidable right to eat the food they desire and so desperately need. And it is our duty to fulfill this right of theirs. That is the right to food.


Rabiya Ashraf Sahibzada

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