The Boreal Forest: Chopping Away Our Climate
By Anonymous

March 3rd, 2008

Canada’s rich legacy is painted through our climate, our wildlife but most importantly through our landscape. The Boreal Forest of Canada, at over 10,000 hectares encompasses almost 53 per cent of the country’s total landmass and is one of the last remaining ancient forests of the world.
A national gem, the Boreal is a testament to Canadian culture and yet takes on some of the largest clearcuts in the world. Almost half of the Boreal forest has already been allotted and licensed to logging companies, forcing this natural antique into an era of ‘modernization.’ The result - lines of unsustainable products including building materials, office paper, books, catalogues and consumer products such as toilet paper.
“Our Canadian national heritage is literally being flushed down the toilet every day by millions of consumers across Canada.” says Greenpeace, a global campaigning organization that strives to protect and conserve the environment. “This needs to stop."
Thus far, almost 80 per cent of the Earth's original forests have already been degraded or completely destroyed. What many fail to realize though is the effect that the Boreal has on our lives, beyond that of the industrial uses.
“Studies indicate that intact Boreal Forests, when left undisturbed, store up to fifty percent more carbon than even the best managed forests. Preserving large intact areas of the Boreal has the potential benefit of preserving species and offsetting the damaging effects of global warming.” 2
The Boreal Forests of Canada and Russia play a critical role in the fight against climate change. Acting as a carbon sink, these forests contain close to 40 per cent of the entire planet's carbon stocks; 80 per cent of the Earth's freshwater, as well as an entire array of wildlife.
‘The vast region is home to the icons of our far north - woodland caribou, wolf, beaver, moose, and black bear and a diversity of birds, migratory ducks and geese.’ 1
The liquidation of the world forests [namely the Boreal] will therefore lead to nothing more than further environmental collapse.
Step #1 in the fight against climate change: Save the Boreal Forests!

*No trees were harmed in the making of this article

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