Child Prostitution
By Anam Ansari

December 28, 2007
"Child Prostitution:
 There are over 1 million children who enter the sex market each year.
 They are usually:
o Born into it (Their parent(s) are involved in the “business”).
o Runaway children who enter the sex market to earn some money.
o Kidnapped and sold.
o Trafficked into it.
 Many children don’t survive the shock of child prostitution.
 For those who do survive, they may have suffered irreparable physical or mental damage.

 Canadian Law states that it is mandatory for Pimps to serve 5 years in prison if they are caught
 CES (Toronto police service) are working towards the goal of preventing child prostitution in Toronto.
o One action involves disguising as a child prostitute to arrest the guilty.
 Child victims do not have adequate protection because of a lack of law enforcement.
 They are viewed as criminals and hence are forced to re-enter or stay in this industry.
Organizations trying to Help:
 UNICEF and the World Health Organization are trying to support and aid women who have been involved in prostitution previously.
o They state that:
o A night with an underage virgin will cost from $500 to $1,000 in St. Petersburg.
o The services of an underage prostitute will cost from 1,500 rubles to 15,000 rubles in a Moscow or St. Petersburg brothel depending on the class of a brothel.
o Oral sex with a street chill will be in a range from 100 rubles to 500 rubles.
o Intercourse will cost from 200 rubles to 750 rubles.
o An entire night will cost from 500 rubles to 800 rubles and the prices vary according to the occasions.
o It costs a few hundred dollars to spend a night with a child who is not a drug addict.
o Sometimes children even take their payment in the form of food.
 National Child Exploitation Coordination Centre (NCECC) provides money for online protection of children to prevent child porn which may possibly involve child prostitution.
 ECPAT (Ending Child Prostitution and Trafficking).
 According to ECPAT:
o Estimated that 20% of 20 million people in India are child prostitutes.
o 100 000 prostitutes in Taiwan.
o 40 000 prostitutes in Venezuela.
o 25 000 (from 12 years to 17 years of age) prostitutes in Dominican Republic.
o 500 000 prostitutes in Peru.
o 500 000 prostitutes in Brazil.
o 200 000 prostitutes in Canada.
o 300 000 – 600 000 prostitutes in the U.S.
o 200 000 – 500 000 prostitutes in China.
 The major consumers of children’s sexual exploitation are:
o Unites States
o New Zealand
o U.A.E.
o Western Europe
o Russia
 The children are most trafficked from:
o Eastern Europe
o North Africa
o Ukraine
o Russia
Who is Responsible:
 Represent a wide range of behaviours and have different motives.
o They have a wide connection of customers, recruiters and others who gain a huge profit from child prostitution.
o People who are involved in child prostitution in a certain location are usually foreigners.

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