Misleading Portrayal of Jihad
By Nayaab Iftakhar

Think of the word “victory”. What comes to mind? War. Are we so oblivious of the world around us that we cannot think outside the box? Victory can be thought of as the achievements of humans worldwide, a few of them being: scholars, explorers, scientists, doctors, and so on. However, most perceive it as war, and generate images of battles, bloodshed, and conquest by force. What has war ever gained in the betterment of civilization? Come to think of it, all war has ever resulted in is more destruction of humankind. The main goal of humans should be to make the Earth a better place to live in. Some people are so immune to human feelings that they feel nothing destroying humans for a ruthless objective. One of the types of people that indoctrinate humans into achieving a mentality full of disgusting misconceptions are some religious leaders who feel war is necessary in the name of religion.

These leaders feel that in order to spread their religion, they have to initiate war. They feel humans will convert to their religion in fear of their lives, as nothing is more precious than life. Although the religion may be of benefit to humankind, the way these leaders are spreading the message is exemplifying to the world that they are hypocrites. The reason being is that no religion in the world glorifies anything negative, so what gives these leaders the justification to start a war? If one wants to show the world that their religion will help humans out, why not preach it in peaceful ways?

Some religious leaders have the thirst of name, fame, glory, and their position in society. They do not care if they are leading people into turmoil as much as they care about their image. This selfishness drives them into instructing people in ways that make war seem like a necessity to bring enlightenment to the world. Really, they are only misleading others by projecting a violent image of the religion to the world. Some feel loyalty towards these religious leaders and feel that whatever they say is correct. These types of religious leaders may abuse their influence to manipulate others to do wrong because they are deeply conscious of their role in society. The fact that others are following them, adds to their arrogance.

At times, when some people don’t like a religion, they single it out and discourage others from converting to that religion. This makes some religious leaders angry, and gives them even more reason to start war. In the past, many wars have started because of people of one religion blaming another of a different religion of causing their problems. They have been warned to stop their religious preaching, which once again angers them. Sometimes these religious leaders feel war is a way to bring more awareness to the world of their religion, as they feel the world does not understand their religion.

These are few of the reasons why religious leaders think war is a necessity in the name of religion. Some may be justified to so, some may not. Whatever it may be, humans should adhere to their positive goals and apply to their ideas of making Earth a better place to live in. People should be the judge of their own decisions and conclude whether they are good or bad. They should apply the good and remove the evil roots that the Earth still has. Only by doing this can we progress as humans.

Source: http://www.pittsburghstandard.com/NovFiles/I2Nov.html

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