Disobedient Children
By Aisha Yousuf

July 2, 2007
A tree is a creation of nature which grows slowly day by day and over years grows into a big tree with many branches and leaves. This tree provides shadows to some, is a home to others and source of food for many. A tree begins as a root. Without the strong root it wouldn't be possible for branches and leaves to grow, there wouldn't be shadow for some and home for others. That root in our life is our parents. Parents aren't our first step of a ladder which we climb and forget about but they are our roots. Which define our background without which we would be incomplete. Our parents start to take care of us, of our necessities and needs before even we are present in this world. And the day we are born from then on our mother and father decide to dedicate a part of their life to us, for us. They sometimes even sacrifice their happiness to fulfill our wish. As a child we all receive love from our parents but as we grow older and realize real meaning of love why does it become difficult to give our parents that love. As we grow older we become more self-oriented and begin to develop a different perspective towards world then we had before. Also differences between us and our parents start to be visible. These differences either could be related to disagreements regarding limits parents have set for us or over our point of view towards certain religious and cultural acts. As time passes by new generations form introducing newer ways of living life which becomes difficult for older generations to adapt to. Our parents have been raised in completely different environment then we have, they raise us according to how they were raised then when we grow we adapt to different things which our parents have to get used to because of us. If our parents agree to compromise their values and moral for us then why cant we sacrifice some of our wants for their will? Our parents teach us the meaning of life, how to live life, there's a certain way of living and that way we learn from our parents. Our parents have done a lot for us, they maybe small things but they have, they spend their lives raising us so now when we are old and out parents need our support we should give them the best we can. We should give them the love and respect which they have raised us with.

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