YTGA is a youth led Non Profit mobilizing and empowering young people for social justice through the arts, various events, workshops, campaigns and special projects.

Born in 2006 in Mississauga Ontario by a group of very passionate students determined to bring about awareness of global and local issues through creative writing, visual art, theatre and spoken word. We aim to be accessible and inclusive to all youth, all over the world!

Visit us: We have just opened Studio.89!! Mississauga's first fair trade cafe and artademic resource centre. Come out for fair trade lattes, organic and delicious treats, board games, and weekly events.

Call us out: We regularly perform for conferences, symposiums and other events. In the past we have covered issues like Child Abuse Awareness, Modern Day Slavery, Power of One, Mental Health Awareness, Human Trafficking, Racism and Immigrants, Youth Suicide Prevention and tons of other important issues! Our youth team also regularly conducts ‘Empowerment Through the Arts’ workshops with groups as small as 5 and as large as 100!

Join us: This website is a platform for self expression for all youth. If there is a topic you feel strongly about and would like to share it with YTGA readers, just let us know.
You can also get involved in our many other projects, performances and workshops. Want to start up your own YTGA Chapter? Please visit our contact us page and send us a line.

Current Social Enterprise Project in Mississauga:

This video demonstrates the Studio.89 model.
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Latest Articles

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Digital Story by Sana Masood

Please note: The articles on this website are based on the writers own individual opinions and do not represent YTGA as a group.